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Workshops & Events

28 août 2020 10:00

The Power of Breath: A Breathwork Meditation Workshop

The importance of consentration during astrological and tarot practices cannot be overstated. Meditation is one of the ways to develop this skill progressively which will lead to more accurate forecasts in future.
14 août 2020 00:00

A Libra Season Meditation to Collaborate, Cooperate & Co-Create

A Libra season meditation can help us invite peace, love and harmony into our lives. Collaboration and cooperation is the way this sign always chooses. Let's open our hearts to love and mutual understanding.
10 août 2020 09:00

October Numerology: A First Glimpse At the Energy Of the Coming Year

October is a right month to use the art of numerology and have a look at the energy of your personal number in the coming year. Discover what your personal year number holds for you at our group session.

The Topics Covered
Will Include:

  • ancient archetypal meanings of the planets and signs of the zodiac
  • learning how the planets speak to different facets of who we are
  • meanings of the house placements in the chart and how these relate to our lives
  • understanding the elements and modalities in the chart
  • learning how to interpret planetary aspects and cycles
  • exploring transits and how they relate to current life issues as well as developmental cycles
  • how to find the primary themes and patterns in the chart and
  • how they might manifest in the person’s life in physical, emotional and spiritual ways
  • evolutionary astrology — how to see the soul’s purpose and journey through the chart

Session Prices

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60 Minutes


90 Minutes


120 Minutes